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About Us

Our Savior Lutheran Church is a Christian family that lovingly preaches, teaches, and shares God's Word, encouraging all people to know and live for Christ. Basically, we are a church that strives to SHARE our FAITH as we grow in the KNOWLEDGE of out loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Knowing this helps define who we are, and why we serve Christ together.

We are family! This family atmosphere is one that does not come without work or without the blessing of the Lord. Giving thanks to our God for His many blessings, and for His gift of love in Jesus Christ, I invite you to grow closer together in Christian fellowship.

We are living for Jesus Christ! All that we do is to uplift Jesus our Savior, and to aid and bless all people. We are working to proclaim the great deeds of our King so that men and women, boys and girls may find peace, joy, and hope in Him. We are constantly working to comfort, to strengthen, to grow, and to know the Lord. 

Welcome to the family! God's blessings to you as together we give praise, honor, and glory to Jesus Christ.

Walk with Light!
Pastor Paul