Through the Bible

Lead by: Pastor Paul - Fellowship Hall

This class works its way through different books of the Bible from start to finish.  We want to be obedient to God and to grow more like Jesus Christ. In class we'll read through the book verse by verse and then apply its truth to our own life.


​Our Nursery is available during our Bible Studies for newborns through 5 years old. Please arrive a few minutes early to “check-in” your child. In the event your child needs attention during this time, the nursery staff will contact you.


Led by: Randy Heidrich - Room B104

Catechesis means "religious instruction typically using the catechism." The class is working its way through Luther's Small Catechism and is encouraged to submit their tough questions for discussion in the class. No question will be off limits, and will be answered from a Biblical and LCMS perspective.

Video Based Bible Study

Led by: Ray Diepenbrock - Room B102 

Currently this class is studying Noah.  In Genesis 6, Noah takes his task from God seriously.  Each week the class will watch a video presented by Rev. Kurt Klaus which addresses the issues of human longevity; the logistics of building the ark; and the origin and dispersal of the cataclysmic floodwaters.

Adult Bible Study & Sunday School 
meet in between services at 10:15 AM